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Clock tower in Stockholm, Sweden

The Scandinavian capital of Stockholm, Sweden is filled with waterways, history, and plenty of Fika. You don’t know what fika is? Well, come and visit Stockholm to find out. Then explore to find more interesting things about this capital scattered across islands.

Sample some Fika

For Americans, coffee is something ordered through a window and consumed as they drive to work. Not so in Sweden. Here, Fika is the concept of sitting and sipping a huge bowl of coffee with a cinnamon bun the size of your head. Cafe Saturnus is the place to sample luscious cakes and sweet breads along with a creamy latte. Just remember – here it’s “first come, first served,” so they may run out of your favorite treat if you don’t get there early.

Beautiful pillared building in Stockholm, Sweden, photo by Manisha Dorawala


Are you an art-lover? Well-known photographers like American Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Demarchelier from France have both been the subjects here at Fotografiska. The whole place is transformed around the artist for a unique and individualized showing that is catered to that artist and their strengths. After wandering through the gallery, head upstairs for a delicious dinner with amazing views. The menu, like the museum gallery, is constantly changing. Fresh local produce is used in a variety of ways for an exquisite culinary experience. Diners enjoy breathtaking views of the water from inside the restaurant.

Skiing Stockholm

Visitors wouldn’t think of skiing in the city. However, Stockholm is diverse in its entertainments and skiing is no exception. If you feel the urge to hit the slopes, don’t leave the city. Just head over to Hammarbybacken for some fun sluicing down the mountainside. Four runs range from green to black, which features a variety perfect for any ability. There is a ski school for those wanting to learn the sport if you don’t have much experience. You can also rent your gear here, so there’s no need to lug skis through Stockholm’s busy streets. SkiStar Snow Park is where beginners and intermediate skiers gain skills on ramps and rails. There is a restaurant with a sunny place to eat and also watch the skiers come down from the black run, Hemsedal. There is even an area for children with a conveyor belt for easy transfers and none of the hassles of a lift.

Small cabin on the Stockholm archipelago  Swedish flag over the water, photo by Manisha Dorawala

Stockholm archipelago

This archipelago is the largest in Sweden and makes for an incredible sight in Stockholm. The archipelago stretches out for nearly forty miles and features beautiful clusters of cabins along the coast. You can travel along the archipelago and stay in these cabins. Many artists found the archipelago a fascinating place to write; once you visit you’ll realize why! Boating is a popular activity and you can tour various lighthouses up and down the coast.

Stockholm has plenty of old and new charm for her visitors. Come and see the water views, art, and people of Stockholm, Sweden.

Panoramic picture of Manisha Dorawala from Stockholm, Sweden