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Plate of blueberries and raspberries, image used for Manisha Dorawala blog on how to stay vegan while traveling

For a while now, I’ve been practicing veganism. When I was still living in North Carolina, it was much easier to adhere to remaining vegan. Since I’ve moved to Poland and began traveling throughout Europe, I’ve realized it’s much more challenging to find vegan options in other countries, particularly in Europe. I’ve written previously about popular Polish foods, many of which are not vegan (at all), though you can adapt them to fit your dietary preferences. As I’ve realized this challenge, I decided to offer some tips on finding great food options to other vegans who like to travel! Whether you travel for work, pleasure, or some other reason, here are some tips on how to remain vegan throughout your adventures.

Cook as much as you can

First off, your best plan of action for remaining vegan and making it easy on yourself while traveling is to stay somewhere that has some kind of kitchen. Thanks to Airbnb, it’s much easier to find places like this instead of relying on a hotel while traveling. If you’re able to cook for yourself, you’ll discover it’s much easier to find vegan options. All you need to do is head to a local grocery store and buy ingredients!

Do your research!

When you decide to travel to a new country or region, make sure you do your research! Find out whether or not the place you’re traveling to features many plant-based dishes or if it’s more meat-based. Find at least one popular dish that’s vegan, so you have something you can order that you know is safe. Another helpful step is learning basic phrases or words in the native language so you can communicate what you want to eat no matter where you go.

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to communicate with people in their native language. With this skill, you can ask whether or not something has animal products in it or clearly request the type of food you want. While the idea of veganism may be unusual in some countries, you can usually order something ideal if you mention you avoid meat for religious reasons. This stance is fairly common around the world, so you shouldn’t have issues making your preferences clear if you learn key language.

Pack your own food

No matter where you’re traveling to, it’s a great idea to always have some sort of snack food with you. If you’re traveling somewhere you can take food, take some supplies to make your own meals or for a snack if you’re on the go or can’t find a vegan option. Find snacks that are rich in nutrients and give you energy so you aren’t unsatisfied.

Connect with locals
Around the world, there are people following a vegan diet. There are lots of websites and forums you can connect with others on and ask their advice for finding vegan food options, whether they’re locals or vegans who have traveled to a specific country. Consider visiting, a fantastic resource for finding vegetarian and vegan food options and information around the world.