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When people think of foreign cuisine to try, Poland is generally not at the top of that list. If asked to name a Polish food, most people would probably be unable to think of even one dish, and if they did have one, it would likely be perogies. Since moving to Poland, I’ve discovered a lot more Polish food and come to the realization that much of it is actually pretty good. Polish cuisine has evolved over the years, frequently taking dishes and inspirations from nearby countries and adding their own unique twist. Various cultures have influenced Polish food as well. Most Polish food is rich in meat, vegetables, and spices along with noodles, cream, and eggs. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you can substitute many of these ingredients for something else while keeping the original flavor of the dish. Here are some of the best-known Polish dishes that you can try.


A great dish that can be made with or without meat, Gołąbki is something you should certainly try. A translation of the dish is “cabbage roll,” which is exactly what it is. To make Gołąbki, simply wrap up rice, mushrooms, some kind of meat, and onions. You can also opt to not use meat, which still makes for a great meal.


This dish predominately uses cabbage and is considered a staple of Polish cuisine. A traditional mix of cabbage, sauerkraut, various meats, and a few other vegetables, it’s a perfect dish for a cold day during the winter in Poland.

Sałatka Jarzynowa

This dish is similar to a pasta salad because it has a mix of various ingredients and is served cold. It’s perfect for eating on sandwiches even though the combination of carrots, potatoes, peas, apples, and various other foods might not immediately sound appetizing.


Paczki are traditional Polish donuts served with some kind of filling. The most common time to see them is on Fat Tuesday, shortly before the start of Lent. This dish is just one of the many incredible Polish desserts that are out there.


One of the main dishes of Poland, Rosół is similar to chicken noodle soup, but it’s entirely homemade and fresh ingredients are used. It’s an easy dish to prepare and is most often served with delicious, homemade noodles.


Honestly, what is a list of Polish foods without perogies? These are Polish dumplings that can be filled with a variety of ingredients. Traditionally, perogies are filled with some combination of meat, cheese, and vegetables, though you can change the recipe how you see fit. This dish is served hot and either boiled or fried, making for a delicious meal.