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Snow covered hill side with mountains in the distance and snow covered trees, people riding a ski lift, manisha dorawala post on best winter destinations in europe

You may not be a fan of the cold, gloomy weather that accompanies winter, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t beautiful aspects of it to enjoy. Seeing a town or city covered in snow can be stunning. Walking through nature as it’s covered in snow or ice can be peaceful. Many places also have vibrant winter celebrations that continue after the holiday season. In Europe, a lot of countries have perfect places to spend the winter months, whether by skiing or enjoying a festival or other specific winter tradition. I’ve previously mentioned great places to travel during the winter to escape the cold, but I want to highlight some destinations to travel to specifically while it’s cold. Here are some of the best places in Europe to travel to during the winter.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a classic destination that many people travel to during the winter. Though it will be cold, the trip is certainly worth it. Be warned that since St. Petersburg sits on the Neva River, you’ll experience serious windchill. However, the cold is worth it once you see the waterways frozen solid and the streets covered in snow. You could even go ice-skating, or choose to spend more time inside visiting the ballet at Mariinsky Theater or touring one of the many palaces, such as the Catherine Palace.

Reykjavik, Iceland

This destination is a no-brainer to most people. If you really want to experience winter in the North, head to Reykjavik. Iceland is pretty small, so you’ll be able to travel to other parts of the country as well. The city is fully decorated with Christmas lights and you can travel into the country to see the Northern Lights. You could also attend one of the many winter festivals in Iceland, such as the Winter Lights Festival.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland is a classic country to visit in the winter and Zermatt is a wonderful place to go. It’s a small alpine town located near the Matterhorn. Its location provides ample opportunity to go skiing. Even if you aren’t into skiing, this town is a great place to visit for simply walking around and explore, especially since there are no cars used in the entire village.

Prague, Czech Republic

A great place to visit year-round, Prague is especially beautiful in the winter. While not as many people visit in the winter as they do in the summer, it’s still a great experience. You get to see the many spires wrapped in lights and snow sprinkled along the cobblestone streets and rooftops. There is delicious food served throughout the winter, such as stews and pastries that are incredible and native to the country.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is the home of Father Christmas, so of course it’s somewhere you should visit during the winter months in Europe. You can take tours of the countryside on a sled pulled by dogs or even reindeer! You’ll see wonderful frozen lakes and an expansive countryside. You can even stay in the countryside and watch the Northern Lights.

Bergen, Norway

This beautiful city features Norway’s fjords, which you can tour on cruises all year long. You’ll see awe-inspiring waterfalls, towering mountains, and local wildlife. When you’re ready to get warm back in town, you can find local cuisine and plan a trip up Mount Floyen on the city’s cable car.