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When you have a toddler, making and finding food can be difficult. They’re past the stage of eating baby food and you’d like to expand their palates, but you still need to be careful about the type of food you’re giving your child. If you have a picky kid, this task becomes even more challenging. You want the food to be nutritious, something they’ll like, and a meal that’s easily eaten and digested. Here are some foods you can feed your toddler that are healthy and actual food instead of a processed food that’s high in sugar!


Peas are one of the best options for food for toddlers. They’re easy to eat and children can’t choke on them, even if they’re frozen. If your child is teething, consider giving her partially frozen peas; they’ll sooth the soreness! Toddlers often try to eat their food with their fingers, so giving them a bowl full of peas can also keep them occupied for a while!

Mashed potatoes

I know parents generally want to avoid letting their toddler create a mess when eating, but mash potatoes are still a good option. They’re pretty healthy and tasty, so your child actually enjoys eating them. You can mix in different vegetables to make this food even more nutritious! When serving mashed potatoes, make sure your toddler is in an area that’s easy to clean up.


If you want to avoid giving your child processed meat, but still want a filler, tofu is a fantastic option. You can season it any way you want to add flavor and make it tasty to your toddler’s preferences. Tofu provides substance for your child to enjoy and fills in other foods well, while helping you avoid processed and unhealthy meats.


Eggs are a great option for toddlers because they can be cooked various ways, eaten with many other foods, and are easy to consume. They also aren’t messy, depending on how you make the eggs. Previously, people thought eggs were unhealthy for children, but that’s not true! Eggs are a great source of protein and are easy to make.


Like peas, beans are simple to eat. Children can pick them up and they aren’t messy. Beans are also incredible sources of nutrients, which is perfect for young children. Make sure you cook your beans until they’re pretty soft, then let your toddler eat to his heart’s content.


Kids love pasta. While not all pasta is nutritious, you can opt for wheat pasta or vegetable pasta for more nutrition. Pasta is easy for children to eat and mess-free if you avoid sauce. However, pasta can be a choking hazard, so make sure you cut it up into small pieces.