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Restaurant Week is a very fun and enjoyable tradition that began in New York back in 1992 as a way for people to attend the Democratic National Convention. Tim Zagat of Zagat Guides was the original coordinator for Restaurant Week and his idea bloomed for restaurant owners in New York. The original four-day event was created as a community gesture to the 15,000 reporters coming to cover that year’s Democratic National Convention.


Many participants love restaurant week because it offers a chance to experience many of their city’s best restaurants at a cheaper cost. The restaurant’s gain money by attracting thousands of new diners, particularly younger people and retirees who might be reluctant to try out new, expensive restaurants. Restaurant Weeks across the states have become slowly become a favorable treat for all of those in attendance.

This year over 170 of the 260 places participating in NYC’s summer Restaurant Week has extended their menus through Labor Day, which gives customers the chance to re-taste each meal throughout the summer!

How to get more bang for your buck

Depending on what part of the city you’re in during restaurant week, you can always expect to get more bang for your buck by sticking to your budget and planning ahead. By following some of these go to rules, you’ll be sure to snag some deals worth eating for.

  1. Go to your local restaurant week website (cities and dates vary, depending on location)
  2. Scroll down through the list of participating restaurants and find places that you may enjoy
  3. Read through the menus, you may be surprised to see what each venue has in store.
  4. Lastly, check and make reservations if needed. Most of the restaurants are on Open Table. If you’re making a last minute reservation and want to just see what’s available, just search for your party size and time on the site and put in your current location.

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