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Concord, North Carolina is excited to welcome the Travel Media Showcase. The smaller travel event is curated to be almost like a family- last year seven hundred people applied to be a part of this event and one hundred writers were able to attend. This event is geared towards print and broadcast media journalists and gives over one hundred and seventy-five sponsors to help them curate all sorts of writing opportunities.

Some of the ideas come from the chance to meet one on one with public relations people from all different area concentrations. Some of these concentrations include visitor bureaus, tourism offices from different regions (including some internationally). There will be representatives from different airlines, cruiselines, and amusement parks. In addition to the venues from all over the world being represented, there will be representatives from Cabarrus Country. Donna Carpenter, the President and CEO of the Carrabus County Convention Center and Visitor Bureau, noted that, “This is a unique and wonderful opportunity for travel media to showcase Cabarrus County to various media from around the country and we know that the 2017 convention will be a huge success.” One of the best parts of the event is the fam events- or familiarization. These events allow participants to go somewhere locally and see what the host county has to offer.

In addition to meeting with PR people, there will also be representatives from people who have traveling products. Many of these products will be demonstrated at the event. Past events have brought products such as GoRVing, and Travelocity.

The schedule of events for this year’s events includes an opening reception on Tuesday, August 22, plenty of chances to meet with sponsors, a networking dinner on Wednesday, and several chances to make appointments with marketplace employees to get to learn about companies more in depth.

The amount of things they have going on does not seem like much based on the views at the website; however, their goal is to create a chance for the writer to get to know the people they are interested in more in depth and the organization does a good job at getting this done. It is a time for a writer to focus and work hard, although upon reflection and coming home, they may feel both more tired and refreshed than they did when they came to the event.

When announced that the next event would be held in Concord, North Carolina last year at their annual event, the crowd all cheered. Just as they cheered for Concord, now Concord is cheering for them as everyone eagerly anticipates August 22, when journalists and vendors alike come together to show the world the best in the travel industry.

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