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View of roofs in Portugal

Recently, my family and I visited Portugal and spent time in Cascais and Lisbon. I absolutely recommend finding time to visit these two beautiful places; you won’t regret it! Portugal is a beautiful country and has a great location on the water. One of the best parts about living in Europe is how accessible other countries are. Countries are so easy to travel to and are only a few hours away by plane, train, or car. I’m hoping to take advantage of these opportunities to travel as much as possible! Here are some of the highlights in Cascais and Lisbon that you should make an effort to see if you’re there.

Lisbon: This city has a rich history and is the current capital of Portugal. It sits on the edge of the Iberian Peninsula, against the Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon is considered vitally important because it has huge finance, commerce, entertainment, and art industries. Since it has one of the largest ports in Europe, it’s considered a very important city when it comes to transporting goods. There are many beaches outside of the city and even though it sits against the water, it’s also situated in a hilly country. The city contains rich architecture, developed over centuries, and has signature pastel-colored buildings.


National Tile Museum – Lisbon is renowned for the stunning Portuguese tiles around the city, many of which you can find as you stroll around. However, you can also visit the National Tile Museum and see truly stunning pieces of artwork.

Monastery of St. Jerome – The monastery features Gothic architecture and was built in the 1500s, and remains an incredible attraction for Lisbon today.

Feira da Ladra – If you’re looking for authentic gifts from Lisbon, check out Feira da Ladra, a huge flea market located in Lisbon that often has incredible finds.

Castle of Sao Jorge – One of the best-known attractions in Lisbon, the castle sits on the edge of the city and provides breath-taking views of the city.

Santa Justa Elevator – Considered an engineering marvel when it was first built, this stone elevator provides stunning views of the city to anyone who travels up it.


Cascais: This city also sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and has incredible beaches. It’s now a popular tourist spot, likely because it was once the vacation destination for the royal family, when it was still a small fishing village. Now, the city has plenty of restaurants, hotels, and sights to see, including various old ruins. Like Lisbon, mountains sit close behind the town and can be reached easily. In addition to beautiful beaches, there are cliffs at the edge of the city, which provide gorgeous views of the ocean.


Boca do Inferno – A simple walk from the Cascais marina, Boca do Inferno is a group of cliffs that sit against the Atlantic Ocean. You can see where the roof of the cave collapsed and created a hole that reveals the waves from under the cliffs.

Cascais to Estoril Promenade – A leisurely walk, this promenade takes you along the beach, past beautiful houses and various restaurants. If you don’t feel like walking back once you get to the end, it’s easy to get the train back to Cascais.

Casa de Santa Maria – This stunning house, built in the 19th century, is open to the public to tour and offers gorgeous views of the marina and coastline. After visiting this home, you can head to the museum in the lighthouse next-door!