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Map of Europe with man standing in France

Recently, my family and I moved to Wroclaw, Poland from the United States. Any move is a pretty big deal, but moving to another country is a separate matter entirely that comes with its own challenges. There’s so much you need to do to prepare yourself, physically and mentally. In my previous post, Is Moving to Another Country Right for You?, I outlined what you should consider before making the major decision to move to a different country. Now that you’ve decided you will move to a new country, here’s the list of the major tasks to complete before doing so.

Have the proper visa

One of the most important steps of moving to another country is having the proper visa to live there. Maybe you’re moving there permanently or only for a year or so. Regardless, you’ll need to apply for a working visa and permanent resident visa. These documents allow you to work and live in the country, without the risk of being denied at border control or unable to find a job. Learn more about how to get your visa for living in Europe.

Find a place to live

While you might be comfortable with going to a new country and finding a place to live once you get there, your move will be a lot easier if you have somewhere to live beforehand. You don’t have to buy a house or sign a year-long lease for an apartment, but it’s helpful to have somewhere that you can stay for a few weeks or months until you find a more permanent place.

Open new accounts

Once you settle into your new home, you want to be able to communicate with people back home and learn more about the area. Make sure you’ve set up phone and internet accounts and have taken care of any utilities for your new residence. It’ll be much harder if you do not have a simple means of communication when you get to the new country. You’ll also want to open up a bank account in your new country so you can easily handle paying for everything.

Electronic devices

As you’re packing, make sure you have any electronic devices you regularly use. Moving will be even more difficult if you don’t have a working computer and cell phone. Pack these items according to airplane guidelines and make sure they’re safe as you travel.

Appropriate clothes

Before moving, do careful research on what the climate is like in your new home, especially in the winter months. You can buy clothing once you get there, but if you’re leaving somewhere warm and sunny and heading to a place that is regularly below freezing, you’ll want to have something to wear once you get there. It’s important to have comfortable shoes as well, because it’s likely that you’ll do a lot of exploring in your new home!