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Image for Manisha Dorawala's blog on how traveling Europe can be life-changing.

When people travel, they often want to have a life-changing experience where their perspectives are changed forever. While this situation can occur, it does not happen with every trip, but it also depends significantly on your attitude and the decisions you make along the way. There are methods you can use to make your travel life-changing and experience a truly memorable trip. Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations and there are truly many ways a trip to this continent will be one you’ll never forget. You’ll see buildings that are hundreds, possibly thousands, of years old as you experience places and people you’ve never met before. In the end, it’s likely you’ll be different than you were when you boarded that plane.

See the world in a different light

Traveling to Europe allows you to view the world differently. Though you’ll find that some parts of it aren’t all that different from the United States, there are small and large differences you will certainly notice. Maybe there’s a type of food you’ve never seen before in your life, maybe people drive on the other side of the road, or maybe a town or country just does things differently than you’re used to. Regardless, you’ll gain a new perspective on how life can be lived and maybe you’ll find something you’d like to change about your day-to-day activities.

Gain more compassion

In addition to gaining a different perspective on the world around you, you’ll learn to relate to people more easily. In Europe, you’ll find all types of people who speak multiple languages and have varied lifestyles from what you do. With travel, you’ll connect with these people and gain a better understanding of them and their lives. With this understanding, you’ll have compassion for their struggles, even if these troubles are unlike your own.

Learn to adapt to changes

Traveling, especially in a place like Europe, involves willingness to adapt to change. When you take a big trip, issues can arise that change your plans or interpret your schedule, so it’s important that you know how to adjust. Traveling can make you more laid back, so you can roll with the punches when something unexpected happens.

Become more independent

With traveling, you become even more independent, especially if you travel alone. People often backpack across Europe, staying in small hostels located in cities. When you travel with other people, there’s plenty of ideas bouncing around on what to do, where to go, and how to fix any problems, but when you’re solo all of the pressure is on you. By planning a trip on your own and getting that travel experience, your confidence will significantly increase and you’ll feel alright doing anything on your own.

Be present in the moment

Travel teaches you to be present in the moment. Though you might want to constantly snap pictures and text your friends about what you’re seeing, the best attitude to have is one where you take time to soak in what’s happening around you. This attitude can travel home with you and help you out even when you’re not traveling.